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Your next adventure begins here!

Campground Rules

A Warm Welcome to You!

These rules and regulations have been chosen for your convenience and security, and to help us create a pleasant atmosphere for all guests.

REGISTRATION:  All guests must register at the office upon arrival.  Management will assign sites and assist in parking RVs. 

RV SITE RENT:  Rates include water and sewer for overnight guests. Weekly & Monthly guests are required to pay for power usage. Rates are as follows:

Nightly:  $45.00

Weekly:  $185.00 + power

Monthly:  $500.00 + power

Power:  Monthly Meter Maintenance $5.00 plus $.07/kwh.

RENT AND ELECTRIC POWER PAYMENTS:  Monthly site rent and power is due on the 1st day of each month.   All monthly renters are required to have a credit card on file. Payment will be processed automatically on the 1st of each month for rent and power usage. 

RV SITE RENTAL:  Rates are based on a single RV with up to two occupants.  Consult management for additional occupant charges. 

NO ELECTRIC HEAT:  Electric heaters are NOT allowed in the park.  

FINANCIAL AGREEMENT:  One full month’s rent must be paid prior to becoming a monthly resident of CCJRV.  In addition, a $100 security deposit is required to cover the last month’s power, cleanup, and any damage to the site.  Upon your departure, there may be a refund of a portion of the deposit after costs for rent, power, cleanup and damages are deducted.  Notice of departure must be given by the 5th of the month you intend to leave.  Your site must be completely clean with no broken infrastructure in order to receive a refund. 

SITE USE:  The limit for each site is one RV, two cars or standard pickups without campers.  Parking for additional vehicles will be $35/month per vehicle for a parking space assigned by the manager.  

YOUR SITE:  Fire laws prohibit storage of materials under or around RVs.  Outside patio furniture that is approved by the park manager is allowed.  Altering or digging into a site is not permitted. Your space is to be used only for recreational purposes.  No business or commercial uses may be conducted within the park. 

SITE MAINTENANCE:  Each renter is responsible for maintaining his/her site in a neat and clean appearance at all times.  No clothes-lines, no washing of RVs, no changing oil or antifreeze, nor lubricating any vehicles on site.  Maintain water and sewer hose connections in leak-proof and air-tight conditions. 

SKIRTING:  RV owners who intend to live in the park during winter months must have completed long term sewer and water connections by October 15, as directed and approved by management.  Dry storage is available for RV owners who wish to keep their RVs disconnected and parked at CCJRV.  Contact management for pricing.  No property storage is allowed around or under un-skirted RVs at any time. 

RV APPEARANCE:  In order to maintain a quality RV park, the manager has the right to approve or reject the type and appearance of any RV.

AWNINGS AND AIR CONDITIONERS:  Free-standing awnings or air conditioner stands made from wood, metal, or plastic are not allowed.  The above items must be attached permanently to the RV per factory standards. 

ANTENNAS AND SATELLITE DISHES:  All antennas, TV dishes, and/or radio towers must be attached to the RV and extend no higher than three (3) feet above the main roof of the RV. 

GARBAGE:  Seal garbage in plastic bags and deposit in a dumpster located across from the office.  

TELEPHONE/INTERNET SERVICE:  Telephone/cell service in the area is provided by Strata Networks, (888) 497-8403.  Call for pricing. A Wi-Fi hotspot is available in the park.  If you choose to acquire a landline, CCJRV will credit your rent $40.00/month to help defray the cost upon proof of contract.

MAIL SERVICE:  US Post Office mail delivery is not available at CCJRV Park.  UPS and FedEx can be shipped to Currant Creek Junction RV Park, Attn.: Office, Site#____, 17525 E Hwy. 40, Fruitland, UT 84027. 

PROPANE SERVICES: Propane delivery for a 120-gallon tank is provided by R&R Propane, (435) 722-2983. Call for pricing and delivery.

TRAFFIC:  The speed limit within the RV park is 5 mph.  Please respect pedestrians’ right of way.  All traffic must be on roadways only.  

PARKING:  No parking on the roadway.  Renters and visitors may park in designated parking areas only.  Park in your designated space only or check with the manager to be assigned a parking space.

NO SMOKING POLICY:  Smoking is prohibited in and around the office and near other guests outdoors. Cigarette butts are considered to be litter.  Please do not throw them on the ground. 


QUIET HOURS:  Quiet hours are from 10 pm to 7 am.  Vehicles should not be started and left running during these hours except on an emergency basis.  Vehicles being driven in the RV park during these hours must be as quiet as possible.  No loud music or noise is allowed during this period.  Generators are not allowed during quiet hours.

PETS: Pets are allowed within the following guidelines and are always at the discretion of the manager.  Pets must remain on a leash at all times.  Noisy or unruly pets or those about which complaints have been received will not be permitted to remain.  Pets may not be left outside the RV while the renter is away. Clean up after your pet immediately, even in areas adjacent to the RV park.  Pet waste bags are available in the park.  Please use them and place the used bags in dumpsters.  Any and all breeds of pets (cats, birds, rabbits, reptiles, etc.) are included within these rules and regulations. Please keep dogs out of the ponds.

SEPTIC SYSTEM: Please DO NOT FLUSH SANITARY PRODUCTS!  Flush only items clearly marked “safe for septic systems”.

TRAIL MAPS:  Trail maps for street legal ATV/UTVs are available in the office.

RULES AND REGULATIONS:  The Manager reserves the right to make any changes to our rules and regulations in the best interest of CCJRV Park.  We desire to make your stay a pleasant, fun, and safe experience.  If you have any questions or suggestions regarding these rules, we’d be happy to discuss them with you. 

LIABILITY: CCJRV is not responsible for loss due to fire, theft, wind, flood, earthquake, accidents, or for the actions of any guest.  Guests are responsible for the damage they cause to any property.  It is the responsibility of each renter or visitor to provide both physical damage and liability insurance coverage for his/her own RV.  Rental sites remain under the control of the park manager at all times.

AREA HAZARDS: CCJRV is located in a natural area near streams and rocks.  It is possible that rocks on the hillside above the RV park may become dislodged.  CCJRV Park assumes no liability in the event that these rocks cause damage to your property.  If you are concerned about the possibility of damage to your property, please contact the manager and ask to be moved to another location.  All natural areas may be hazardous and are entered into at your own risk.  For their own safety, please make sure that children are supervised and accompanied by an adult at all times within the park. 

RESERVATION REFUNDS:  Nightly reservations must be canceled at least 48 hours prior to scheduled arrival in order to receive a refund.  Monthly rentals must give notice to the office by the 5th of the month in order to receive a prorated refund.

Our goal is to make CCJRV Park a clean, safe, and enjoyable place to stay and play. Please be thoughtful and courteous to your neighbors. Together, we can make your stay with us a great experience!

We reserve the right to enforce our rules and to refuse to register any undesirable guests or RVs.  


Thank you, 

the Management